Who Uses HGH for Men

We tend to hear quite a bit in the media about HGH for Men being used. Why is it such a big deal for athletes to use HGH for Men? There is always the factor they are getting an edge on the competitors and that isn’t fair. The goal is to eliminate the use of any substance in sports at high school, college, and definitely at professional levels that remove an even playing field from the participants of using HGH for Men.

Yet where does that line get drawn? Everyone can see the value in policies that prevent the use of drugs or alcohol. Being under the influence of them while taking part in any sport is dangerous. It is also dangerous to the other athletes around and the spectators. They know there are repercussions if they fail a drug test and that can keep them from using such entities of HGH for Men.

Yet many professionals argue that they don’t use HGH for Men to help them get stronger and to help them have better muscles. Instead, they do it to heal faster from injuries so they can get back to training and participating. There is no law that prevents the typical person out there from doing so, but athletes are penalized. It is frustrating to them because that down time it hard on them mentally. They are so passionate about their sport and so much of their time is involved with it. Now they are just playing a waiting game.

One of the recent controversies is about retired NFL quarterback, Payton Manning. He says he never relied on HGH for Men to help him recover from his surgery and make a comeback to play another four years. He says he did it the right way and the claims are false. Yet rumors continue to swirl that the injections were sent to his home under his wife’s name. It may be nothing more than rumor, but it still gets people talking and looking at this star athlete differently than before.

Numerous athletes have come forward to say they don’t think HGH is a big deal and testing for it shouldn’t be allowed. They would like to see the commission drop this from the list of substances that can’t be used. They feel using it can help them get back to their sport in less time. It can help them to compete in the big games and it can get big names on cards to help promote events and sell tickets.

Some athletes are upset over HGH for Men bans for other reasons. For example, they may be taking the HGH for Men┬áto help them with conception or other health issues. However, this does mean they would be banned from a sport event if they are tested. They don’t think it is fair they should have to choose one of the other. They also don’t like the fact when they do get a positive drug test for HGH they have to tell the entire world why they were using it. They would like to keep fertility issues and health concerns private.